Sunday, November 16, 2014


     This concept and title has been rolling around in my head for many years.  It has been the topic of many discussions between  my husband and I of now over thirty-five years.  We have envisioned many times committing it to pen and paper never quite finding or making the time. 

     So why the title? 

     Santa Claus is merely a legend.  His personality, his character, his traits and even what he looks like has come from centuries of nationalities, cultures, religious recognition and mainly primal innocence of creation and rumor.  Even though he's evolved from a real person or persons he is nothing more than a created myth of potpourri and gossip.  This legend has become a commercialized image of untruths and propaganda for selfish gratification and stimulation of societal worship and financial gain.

     Now as for pink flamingos they are real.  Here you have an unbelievably vivid, bright, almost surreal and yet astonishing pink colored bird that is REAL.  In place of seeing the truth and reality about them, society creates an unreal plastic replicated image (that does not even come close to the reality) to become an obscure and tacky lawn ornament diminishing the reality and value of it's REAL beauty and truth.

     Here I will reveal Santa Clauses and Pink Flamingos.  So you choose which to believe, or study out the truths for yourselves.

     The Truth will set us FREE!

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